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ESPN: Girardi will manage the Yankees, Mattingly will leave

Source: ESPN

So, the Yankees are going to offer the job to Girardi, officially, and he is expected to accept it. Now, WE'VE heard that song and dance before, but this is the job Girardi was holding out for.

Joe Girardi. Manager of the New York Yankees. Go figure.

Cashman told Don Mattingly and Tony Pena that they won't be getting the job, and apparently Mattingly is not going to accept a job on the coaching staff. Donnie Baseball will end up managing soon enough, I figure.

Not even the manager yet and it looks like Girardi is chasing off respected coaches.

A new era of New York Yankees baseball is way underway. Goodbye, Boss. Goodbye, Joe Torre. Hello, Idiot Hank, Quiet Man Hal, and Dumbass Joe Girardi.