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LaTroy Hawkins on the O's clubhouse

Maybe my favorite headline ever:

Hawkins blasts O's as 'negative'
Rockies contributor calls experience 'bad'

The article is nothing we haven't heard before.

Hawkins, who came to Baltimore in December 2005 in a trade with the San Francisco Giants for Steve Kline, said his Orioles experience was one of the most draining of his career. The negativity in the clubhouse, he said, was epidemic.

"Yeah, it was bad," Hawkins said. "I don't want to knock the Orioles, but it was just bad. Bad."


"When I walked away from Baltimore, I left that whole negative mentality behind," he said. "Losing definitely puts an emotional bind on you. They say winning cures everything. That is probably one of the most true statements ever made."

As for what he thinks the Orioles should do to change their losing ways, Hawkins said: "I'm not a GM, and they have [Andy] MacPhail over there now. He is a good guy. And I think [manager Dave] Trembley has done a great job trimming house."

Who can argue? We've heard this several times from several departed O's players and anonymous sources.