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Torre as a Dodger?

The rumor, of course, is that with Grady Little "resigning," Joe Torre is considering a three-year offer to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I don't think it'll really work out all that well, unless the Dodgers are prepared to plunk some money down. But, look: There's nothing stopping the Dodgers from making a play for Alex Rodriguez or Miguel Tejada. There's nothing stopping the Dodgers from signing any free agent they might want, for that matter. And given that GM Ned Colletti seems to infer that the Dodgers are more interested in a veteran club that competes yearly rather than bringing along their young talent (which carried them a lot this season), could we just be looking at the Los Angeles Dodgers as the NL Yankees?

If Torre does sign on, expect Mattingly, at least, to follow him. There's no point in Posada unless they trade Russell Martin, which would be absurd considering Martin is 24 and could be an All-Star for the next ten years. How many catchers out there are on top of the list for pinch-running duty on their day off?

I wouldn't bet on Pettitte, as Andy Pettitte really seems like he prefers to play for the Yankees, close to home in Texas, or not at all. Roger Clemens, Los Angeles Dodger? Never say never with Roger. Plus, you know. "Roger Dodger."

Frankly, the Dodgers are a team that could use a third baseman (hey, A-Rod!) and a healthy rotation next year and probably win 95 games with the team they're going in with. If Penny, Lowe, Schmidt, Billingsley, and Wolf were healthy, they're gonna be OK in the pitching department. The bullpen is good. They have hitters.

What Joe Torre would change with the Dodgers is not so much anything on the field, but just perception. Joe Torre's Dodgers are more attractive than Grady Little's Dodgers. Grady Little could win the World Series three years in a row and have trouble shaking off the Pedro thing.

It's a fine idea for what the Dodgers want to do. Torre is a player manager that stays out of the way. The Dodgers are a team of players, they hope, that can be left alone to win games. It fits.