Orioles attempt to extend Bedard

Via MLB Trade Rumors:

Orioles To Attempt To Extend Bedard
It looks like Erik Bedard is Andy MacPhail's top priority right now.  He's already gauged the trade interest for his ace, and is now exploring the idea of a contract extension.

Jeff Zrebiec says the Mets, Yankees, Angels, and Dodgers expressed interest in the southpaw starter.  Interesting to see the Halos in the mix.  The Dodgers are pushing the hardest for him.  Two years of Bedard is expected to cost a team three MLB-ready players.  The names mentioned for the Dodgers are Jonathan Broxton, Matt Kemp, and Clayton Kershaw.  While Kershaw's not MLB-ready, I doubt the Orioles would mind.  Zrebiec says the problem with the Dodgers is that Kemp and Kershaw would be part of a Miguel Cabrera package.

What would a contract extension cost?  I'm thinking it would require something like four years, $65MM to cover the two team-controlled years and two years of free agency.

Zrebiec also mentions that the Mets inquired on Ramon Hernandez, but found the price of a high-end prospect prohibitive.

One of the commets:
i heard bedard is a bit of a tool, especially when it comes to media attention, but i dont think he is any idiot. with some crappy players pulling off pay checks that end in 8 zeros, i think he will pass on an offer from the orioles unless they offer 5-6 100 million, 6 or 7 other major league teams would offer that to him right now if they could

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