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Mets lose Torrealba; back in the mix for Razor?

This offseason, the Mets were widely known to want a new catcher. Posada was their first choice, and their backup play was Torrealba of the Rockies, despite the fact that he doesn't hit well away from Coors and he can't throw out baserunners. A deal was imminent. A few days ago, they also had a reported interest in Razor, but not if Torrealba signed, because although the two have similar stats, they wouldn't have to yield any prospects for Torreallba. The Sun mentioned that the Mets decided the asking price for Hernandez was too steep, and Torrealba was their man.

According to today's NY Times, that all has changed because Torrealba just backed out of the deal.

For the record, The Mets tried to sign Hernandez two years ago and lost out to the Orioles. It's known that they admire him, and although he kind of sucked this year, his last year was phenomenal by comparison. One would think he'd bounce back at least halfway....