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Orioles Photo of the Day, 2007-11-02


Sticking with the unforgettably irreplaceable, Eddie Murray, in his second stint with the Orioles on the '96 team, a club he gets a lot of credit for helping to lead.

How perfect it was that he was welcomed back to the team he'd done so much for with such great warmth. He deserved every bit of it, after the way he was treated at the end of his original run with the Birds.

Cal and Eddie. 8 and 33. Two Hall of Fame representatives of the end of an era for the great Orioles legacy that started long before the two men had gotten to the club. The key members of the last Orioles World Series championship team. Guys that gave it their all -- one that stayed forever, the other run out of town by foolish management that planted the seeds for a backlash. Thankfully, we got another chance to cheer him on the field. As always, he made it easy.