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Delmon Young traded to Twins

AP story
Reaction at Twinkie Town
Reaction at DRays Bay

MIN gets: OF Delmon Young, IF Brendan Harris, OF Jason Pridie
TB gets: SP Matt Garza, SS Jason Bartlett, RP Eduardo Morlan

It's a rare deal -- two guys (Young and Garza) anchoring that are both expected to be good, long-term. I like Garza a lot. At 23, he pitched pretty well over 83 innings for the Twins last year, and I think he could be an ace. Putting him with Scott Kazmir could give the Rays a devastating 1-2 in the rotation if Garza's near as good as I think he'll be.

Delmon Young's season was, erm, serviceable at best, but the thing is, he's 21 years old. He's never going to be a .400 OBP guy unless he wins up hitting .360, but chances are his power will come along as he matures, and he should hit in the .300 range most years. He won't be the solution in center for Minnesota, probably. More likely, he'll take over in left field.

I think Tampa Bay will wind up winning the trade, but it's too early to tell with Garza or Young, and those are the key pieces. As for the other guys, Pridie isn't a real prospect, Morlan has nasty K numbers (99 K in 69 2/3 IP last year between High-A Fort Myers and Double-A New Brunswick), Harris had a fine little season bouncing between short and second, and Bartlett does all the little things right, which means he can't hit.

In other Satan Rays news, they're hoping to build an open-air stadium on the waterfront, which seems like possibly the most logical thing ever.