Melvin, shut up already

"I don't want to make it seem it was Moore's fault. This kid was hungry to play," Mora said. "But I've been busting my butt for seven years in the organization. I'm a two-time All-Star, I've won a Silver Slugger [award]. I don't deserve that. If I have to take that crap, I'd rather go somewhere else."

"I don't want to play those games," he said. "I'm one of the best third basemen in the American League and in baseball. If you are going to move me, you have to make the team more competitive.",0,6622512.story

Melvin, we would all love it if you went somewhere else.  Unfortunately, you're not one of the best third basemen in baseball.  You're more like the Sanjaya of 3rd basemen.  Like Sanjaya, there are many people better than you but yet you stick around far too long for no discernible reason.  Well, actually there is a reason, you're signed to a terrible contract which nobody will take off our hands.  So, unfortunately, you are stick with the O's and we are stuck with you and your whiny ass.      

[Bumped bcause this is the best news I've heard this offseason. -zk]

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