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Monday Flotsam and Jetsam

There's still some background chatter on various trades.

To wit:

  • as KenDixonFanClub has been detailing here, the Reds are interested in Bedard. In the Enquirer on Sunday, it was reported, "there are people in the organization confident that the deal will get done. One rated the chances at 75 percent. General manager Wayne Krivsky let trade talks rest Friday. He planned to make calls Saturday night and [Sunday]"
  • the Reds have competition from St. Louie. As mentioned by em3 in the thread below this one, reports (via MLB FleeceFactor): "Club sources indicated by week's end that Rasmus could lose his "untouchable" label in a potential deal for Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Erik Bedard. Such a deal would have to include at least another prominent Cardinals prospect such as Bryan Anderson or Chris Perez. "
  • AOL sports reported Friday that Tejada-to-Houston talks have cooled
In other news:
  • the Yankees signed ex-Oriole LaTroy Hawkins to a one-year deal for $3.75M
  • From the Sun comes the news that the Mitchell Report has had no effect on potential FA trades. MacPhail and others are quoted as saying it was not really a topic of discussion at the GM Meetings. "One player's agent, who requested anonymity because he didn't want to create suspicion about his clients, said steroids and the Mitchell Report weren't mentioned when he talked contracts with executives from various clubs. He said he doesn't think teams really are concerned about the potential consequences the allegations might have on players. He pointed to outfielder Jose Guillen as a prime example."
That's all I got. Duck?