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Two amendments to the 40 Greatest Orioles list

You'll recall that I put together a 40 Greatest Orioles of All-Time list last offseason. I don't want to re-do the whole thing this year, but I did want to make some changes, and figured I could do it in a quick and dirty format.

Off -- Jeff Conine (#40 last time)

40. Gregg Olson

39. Brian Roberts
Recent allegations aside, I don't care. I've got Palmeiro and Tejada on here. Roberts had another really good season this year, his second truly ace year, and he's been serviceable two other seasons. He's still in his prime and if he stays in Baltimore, would have made the list after 2008, most likely, and higher than this. He bumps off Conine, who gave us more years, but Roberts is a Baltimore Oriole. He's been a fan favorite since becoming a regular, and someone I think we all genuinely like. I'm not saying he's the best player ever, but it's my list, I can be biased.

  1. Roberto Alomar
  2. Harold Baines
  3. Mike Boddicker
  4. BJ Surhoff
  5. Tippy Martinez
  6. Dick Hall
  7. Rick Dempsey
  8. Hoyt Wilhelm
  9. Mike Flanagan
  10. Melvin Mora
  11. Steve Barber
  12. Scott McGregor
  13. Luis Aparicio
  14. Don Buford
  15. Chris Hoiles

23. Miguel Tejada
Tejada jumps from #39 as his time in Baltimore ends. I wanted to be cautious last year with Miggi, but now that it's over and can be put into perspective, he did a lot more in his four seasons with the Birds than most guys could have in ten. It's not his fault the teams sucked, and in time, I'll forget that he complained so much because -- again -- I would have, too, if I'd come here as a marquee free agent assured that the team was going to build a contender around me, then blatantly failed to do so. He was a hell of a player for us. Had he stayed, I think it's likely he'd have jumped into the top 15, though age and decline likely would've topped him out at a spot behind Palmeiro.

  1. Jim Gentile
  2. Davey Johnson
  3. Mark Belanger
  4. Stu Miller
  5. Al Bumbry
  6. Gus Triandos
  7. Doug DeCinces
  8. Paul Blair
  9. Milt Pappas
  10. Rafael Palmeiro
  11. Bobby Grich
  12. Mike Cuellar
  13. Ken Singleton
  14. Brady Anderson
  15. Dave McNally
  16. Mike Mussina
  17. Boog Powell
  18. Frank Robinson
  19. Eddie Murray
  20. Jim Palmer
  21. Brooks Robinson
  22. Cal Ripken, Jr.

I don't think it'll be too long until Nick Markakis rightfully makes this list. And if Bedard stays around, he's got a good shot, too.