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Non-Gibby chatter 12/07

Would that today were a day that would live in Orioles infamy, i.e., we released Gibby and pulled off a Bedard or Tejajda trade à la fois. But I knew FDR, and MacPhail is no FDR.

Nonetheless, in this holiday season we must keep our hopes up. So I call your attention to the LA Times and Daily News, both of which have Bedard on the brain, a full two days after the winter meetings ended. Sacré bleu!

The Times basically says the whole reason the Blues got Andruw Jones was so they could trade another outfielder for pitching, and the org. is apparently salivating over Bedard, not least which because Torre saw him shut down the Yanks. It also contains this intriguing quote:

On potential alone, you would pick Kemp over Ethier. But of all the Dodgers kids last summer, Kemp was the most raw, the most difficult to coach, often the most perplexing.

Five years from now, he could be Willie Mays. He could also be Willie Mays Aikens.

The Daily News meanwhile, mentions Bedard in passing, saying he's a more likely target than Santana.

This is your late-morning cup of café. Discuss.