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Morning News Update!

I may have spoken too soon regarding Bernie Williams, as Joe Torre is requesting Bernie come down to Tampa for spring training. Apparently, Bernie finally got into contact with Torre, after the manager and several of the Yankees had tried to reach him recently and failed to hear from him. I don't see where Bernie fits with the Yankees except as basically an emergency outfielder and pinch-hitter and maybe DHing some against lefties. It's a role, but it's a pretty small role. There are other teams that could probably use him more, but the dude has played for one team his entire career and probably wants to finish there. At this point, I expect he'll be back with New York this year.

Carlos Zambrano is acting all misquoted about his threat to leave the Cubs after 2007 if he doesn't get a new contract by the season opener. Zambrano pretty much said if the contract didn't come to him, he wasn't even going to consider the Cubs and just hit the FA market running. Now, he says the Cubs have the first look at him. Whatever, Zambrano's nuts.

Barry Bonds signed his one-year, $15.8 million deal. I defended Barry Bonds for years, even post-roids controversy explosion. But now? F Barry Bonds. I don't give a shit if I never see that creaky-kneed, whiny, lying, no World Series winning, Hall of Fame outfielder ever again. He is a great hitter, but I got to thinking about Bonds, and what bothers me most about Bonds is not so much the lying itself, or the fact that I'm 102% sure he's used steroids or HGH or something of the sort, or the fact that he bitches constantly, or the fact that ESPN covers him taking a dump in June. It's that Barry Bonds has to think that the rest of the world is filled with absolute idiots if he thinks people are going to believe his stories. That's what gets me.

Steve Swindal was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

New Expos skipper Manny Acta has a tagline for the spring: "There's no walking in baseball." I'd make a joke about a lack of plate discipline, but that's too obvious. Instead, I will simply sit back and await Nick Johnson obliterating his MCL on a brisk jog.

Barry Zito has a new delivery. I'm not linking to a story on that one. I just wonder why. Has his perfect health record and quality performance really been a problem to him?

Hey, speaking of injuries and jokes, Kerry Wood fell down getting out of a hot tub. Let's just leave it at that. For God's sake.