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A tour of Oriole Facial hair this spring....

... all courtesy of the Baltimore Sun.

I don't want the pics to kill the front page load times, so click "read more" to see them.

Who is that guy in the middle with the 'stache?

Millar is not yet aware of the "no beards" policy.

That's the B-Rob beard? Nah, that must be what's left of it.

A little scruff on Payton. Nothing to write home about.

Gippy sports his soul-patch, or as merdon called it, a "flavor saver".

Mazzone's moustache is like a compass—it always points to the low outside corner of the strike zone.

New reliever ChadBrad appears to have been drinking coffee; or perhaps that's a caterpillar.

No facial hair here: it's just a cool effing picture.