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Trachsel named No. 1 starter

For the exhibition opener, silly.

X-rays on Hayden Penn's injured ankle came back negative, and he'll go and have an MRI just as a precaution. Perlozzo thinks Penn twisted it carrying boxes yesterday, but he's walking without crutches and appears to be day-to-day. Penn was supposed to pitch after Erik Bedard in the spring home opener, but that's a wait-and-see right now.

Jamie Walker has a mild concussion as a result of Nick Markakis braining him with a line drive, and he should be OK.

The Sun has a fluff piece on Corey Patterson being comfortable and cracking jokes and liking his time as an Oriole. Patterson is a free agent after this season and his agent is Scott Boras. Hellooo, Jay Payton.

Also, Miguel Tejada spells it "Miggi," not "Miggy," as evidenced by his wristbands and batting gloves. I'd never noticed this before. What an adjustment that will be for me.