clock menu more-arrow no yes mobile has a Juan Gonzalez story right now, saying Gonzalez is ready to return to the majors. He hasn't played since 2005 -- really, he hasn't played since 2004.

According to reports out of Puerto Rico, the Orioles, Angels and Tigers have expressed interest. But according to Roch, a team official says there is no interest in Gonzalez. And for once, it makes sense that we wouldn't sign a washed-up slugger, because there's legitimately just no room for him, and it's not like we're going to sell him on the idea that we might win a World Series, which is a good reason for an old player to take a hit in playing time.

Since he wants to come back, he'll find a suitor. Sammy Sosa did, and Gonzalez hasn't had near the PR problems that Sosa has.