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Community Projection '07 Results: Brian Bob

My projection: 600 AB, .305/.375/.440, 40 2B, 12 HR, 66 RBI, 68 BB, 30 SB

Overall community line:

     AB   AVG      OBP   SLG   2B   HR  RBI   BB   SB
    604  .296  .369  .457   41   15   65   63   30

Brian Roberts is a fan favorite and unless he takes a microphone at home plate and tells us all we can go to hell, it'll stay that way. The question is no longer whether or not he's a major league caliber player, because he very much is, but whether or not he's a truly good major league player. We seem to think so. Maybe we're just gullible and rooting for the dude, but the season we project matches up pretty well to his 2005 career year.

If Brian Bob hits our line, I'll be ecstatic, since he'll be one of the best second basemen in the game. If he hits like he did last year, it's sort a disappointment, but more realistically, it would just seriously signify that we need to find a better leadoff man.