The worst seven weeks of the year

Slow news month.....

.... then there's this, hot off the presses!

Tejada wants O's teammates to have winning spirit

"The only thing that I want is that the other eight players go out on the field with me thinking, like I, that we can defeat anyone," said Tejada, who is playing for his native Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Series in Puerto Rico.

That's nice. I agree.

I also want eight players—well, nine, actually—that run out ground balls to first base. But I won't complain too much, since Tejada hit the hell out of the ball in '06.

This is the worst part of the year. The waiting between the end of the Super Bowl and Opening Day. I just cannot find a way to give a crap about NBA or NHL games (no offense to fans of these sports). The NCAA tournament is a fun diversion at least.

Pitchers and catchers in 10 days.

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