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Community Projection '07 Results: Tejada

My projection: 660 AB, .322/.377/.550, 44 2B, 30 HR, 118 RBI

Overall community line:

    AB      AVG   OBP   SLG   2B   HR   RBI
   648  .322  .374  .517   41   30   122

It'd be a huge year and the best of his career. I don't know that he can match that, and I don't know that he can match mine. But he's going to produce. I think we could very well see Tejada hit for average the way he did last year for a while, and if you give it a thought, it was really quite an admirable .330 that Tejada hit last year. Tejada got nothing to hit a lot of the time in '06, because there was nobody hitting in front of him and nobody hitting behind him most of the time, and if Roberts or someone happened to get on and Miggy was at the plate, they were a little reluctant to give the Orioles one of their only good chances at putting a run across the board. Frankly, Tejada getting 100 RBI last year was about as impressive as 150 in 2004.

Miggy doesn't walk off the island, so to expect him to suddenly say last year, "Yes, give me a free pass!" would be foolish. And he didn't. Instead he poked some singles and hit .330. He could have tried to manhandle pitches that would have resulted in routine fly balls to right field.

I think we'll see this season if Tejada's power is really in decline or if he's been a victim of a rubbish lineup. It may be a little of both, but he should get more fastballs this year if Markakis doesn't drink the Kool-Aid and Huff shows up. Everyone seems to expect a much more useful Oriole lineup surrounding Tejada, and that can only help Miggy.