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Community Projection '07: Miguel Tejada

Miguel Tejada should be loved by us while we have the chance. It's not like in 15 years when he's long gone, we're going to remember his fits of grumpiness or his indifference to running out routine ground balls. We're going to remember that Miguel Tejada did his best every year to will the crappy teams of which he was the gem to victory. So why not get a head start?

Miguel Tejada rules. He is a fantastic baseball player. Until he earns it, I'm not saying another bad word about the dude. He's far and away the best player on this team, and he wants to win, baby. That's all he wants.

Miggy's last three years:

       AB   AVG   OBP   SLG   2B   HR   RBI
2004 BAL   653  .311  .360  .534   40   34   150
2005 BAL   654  .304  .349  .515   50   26    98
2006 BAL   648  .330  .379  .498   37   24   100

That's the line: AB, AVG, OBP, SLG, 2B, HR, RBI