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Patterson signs, 1 YR, $4.3M

via The Sun:

Corey Patterson will make a base salary of $4.3 million in 2007. He had asked for $4.6, while the Orioles had offered $4 million.

.... Even with the signing of Jay Payton, Patterson is expected to remain the Orioles starting center fielder, though he'll likely see less action against left-handed pitching. He hit .207 against lefties last year.

The O's lone remaining arbitration case is Erik Bedard. He has asked for $4M, and has been offered $2.7M by the club.

If history is any guide, the team will sign Bedard to some kind of deal and avoid arbitration. Bedard himself would prefer that as well. He told the Ottawa sun, "I thought they would come in with an offer of about $3 million...Hopefully, we can work it out. I don't really want to go to an arbitration hearing."

I read somewhere that Bedards' hearing is scheduled for the 19th or 20th. Plenty of time to work it out.