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And so it begins: Marlins 8, Orioles 6

Steve Trachsel pitched one inning, allowing three runs and throwing 28 pitches, which was all he did in the start in the O's first exhibition game, an 8-6 loss to Florida in Jupiter.

It's nothing to worry about, since it's the first game of a season that doesn't even matter.

But here we go! I'm PUMPED.

Chris Gomez was 2-for-2 with a home run off of Yusmeiro Petit, and Jeff Fiorentino went 2-for-2. Jeremy Guthrie threw two scoreless innings, and The Todd threw one as well. Brian Burres gave up three runs (one earned). Jason Wood hit a two-run, walkoff homer in the ninth for the Marlins, off of Freddy Deza.