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Sun: Roberts signs tomorrow: 2 Yrs, $14.3M, limited no-trade


It's still not official, but will be tomorrow.

Roberts is locked in for this season at $4.2M, so this deal is an extension which means, barring trades, he'll be an Oriole through 2009.

Details from The Sun include:

"I said all along that it wasn't like I was losing sleep over it, but I am happy," said Roberts, 29. "I am excited that I will be here for the next three years. I am very grateful and I feel blessed that the organization would do this. I am excited with the group of guys that we have signed for the next three years. Hopefully, we can do something good for this city and this organization."

With neither side wanting the negotiations to stretch out close to the start of the regular season, talks accelerated last Monday when Roberts' agent, Mark Pieper, came to Fort Lauderdale Stadium to meet with executive vice president Mike Flanagan and vice president Jim Duquette. Most of the details were then agreed upon, but it took until today for all of the contract to be worked out.

Orioles officials wouldn't comment on the deal, because there was a last detail to work out tonight. They are planning to officially announce the signing tomorrow.

...Roberts said all the expiring contracts that season and not knowing what the Orioles will look like in 2010 factored in his apprehension over signing a longer-term deal. However, in preliminary talks about a longer extension, the two sides were also significantly apart on the terms.

UPDATE: It's finally officially official. Complete with new haircut so as not to piss off Petey.