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Late night/early morning news roundup

Sammy Sosa hit a home run. Apparently, this is news in 2007.

Royals second baseman Mark Grudzielanek will have knee surgery, and likely start the season on the disabled list. Grudz is one of those dudes that "Baseball People" just love and then "Baseball Nerds" get all offended by, but the thing is, he's a perfectly solid ballplayer and seems like a cool guy. Plus he has a great name.

Gary Majewski is also likely to start the season on the DL with shoulder problems.

Xavier Nady does not have Crohn's disease, which is very good for him. What an awful thing to have.

Mariners pitchers love Kenji Johjima. It sounds like any pitcher would.

The O's beat the Mets, 6-3, and now stand at 3-1 this spring. Melvin Mora had 4 RBI in the victory.