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If Brian Roberts signs that two-year extension, it will probably include a limited no-trade clause, giving Brian Bob the chance to name a number of teams he could refuse trade to.

Gary Matthews, Jr.'s five-year, $50 million contract may be voided by the Angels if the outfielder fails to address his reported link to the current performance enhancing drugs scandal, and his alleged purchase of human growth hormone. There is also a chance he could merely be suspended by the team. It's a sticky situation.

The Phillies have reportedly offered Aaron Rowand and Jon Lieber to Toronto for Alex Rios, but J.P. Ricciardi denies even considering any offers.

Mike Timlin, not Joel Pineiro, now appears the front-runner to close in Boston.

Mark Prior was clocked at no higher than 82-84 MPH on his fastball, depending on which report you listen to. With his struggles, Lou Piniella has made clear that the final spot in the rotation is still up for grabs, and that Prior is no lock. Wade Miller, who has also struggled, and Neal Cotts are considered in the race with Prior.

Despite signing Javier Vazquez to a three-year, $34.5 million extension, the White Sox are still way off from getting Mark Buehrle locked up long-term. Buehrle and his agent are playing hardball, which may be a mistake given his down year in 2006.