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Gameday Thread: Tigers at O's, 04/11

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, FSN+ (DET) | Radio: WHFS
Justin Verlander, RH Adam Loewen, LH (0-0, 0.00) (1-0, 3.60) C I Rodriguez 2B B Roberts 2B P Polanco 3B M Mora DH G Sheffield RF N Markakis RF M Ordonez SS M Tejada SS C Guillen 1B A Huff LF C Monroe LF J Gibbons 1B M Thames DH K Millar 3B B Inge CF C Patterson CF C Granderson C P Bako

Verlander had a goofy start against Kansas City on April 6, going six innings with one unearned run on two hits, five walks, and four strikeouts. So his ERA is 0.00 and hitters are batting .100 off of him, but his WHIP is 1.17. Say whuuuh. Verlander throws hard. Part of me has the sneaking suspicion that he's going not going to ever be any better than he was last year.

Loewen struck out two and walked three in a 6-4 O's win over the Yankees that very same sixth day of April, going five and allowing two to score. He notched a W because he had offense behind him, and while he didn't pitch poorly, I wouldn't go so far as to call it a good start, really. Five innings of work is a small problem.

Thankfully, Verlander throws with his right hand, so maybe someone can get a hit today. The Orioles absolutely have to figure out some way to at least be competitive against left-handed pitching. It's out of control.