On Wright - This doesn't sound good....

From today's Sun...

For the first time since joining the Orioles, starting pitcher Jaret Wright finally looked comfortable on the mound. He located his fastball and threw his other three pitches for strikes.

However, when Wright started warming up for the fifth inning last night, he was alarmed by a familiar feeling in the back of his right shoulder. Wright made it through one more inning before getting removed with shoulder stiffness in the Orioles' 3-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers.

He'll be re-evaluated today, though his status in the Orioles' rotation is seemingly in doubt. Wright has already had two surgeries on his pitching shoulder, and he seemed despondent after the game, acknowledging the pain is consistent with what he has felt in the past.

Uh oh. If he's down for the year, which we have to admit is a possibility, who comes up that can stay up?

Is Penn ready for a season? If he was, Wright wouldn't be here.

Do we move Guthrie to the starting slot?

I didn't think I'd actually miss Jaret Wright, but the O's don't need rotation problems in the second week of the season.

Could be worse - we could have the starting staff of the Yankees...

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