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10 Thoughts About Last Night's Win

  1. Steve Trachsel is pitching over his head. Maybe it's that the AL isn't familiar with him, or maybe he's just on a mini-hot streak, but either way, Trachsel has pitched really well in two starts this season, and deserves the recognition.
  2. David DeJesus fits in a skillet.
  3. While it was, in fact, quite an awful game to watch in its entirety, the Orioles showed some signs of life at the plate, despite scoring just two runs in 10 innings and having to wait for the warmed-over corpse that is Jason Standridge to get into the game before they could put it away. The O's rapped out 12 hits, with three from Gibbons (including the game winner) and two each from Brian Bob, Tejader and Paul "Base Knock" Bako.
  4. Aubrey Huff is way, way, way on my bad side. That dude is horrible. He whiffed three times, nearly grounded into a double play in the 10th, and left five runners stranded.
  5. Grounding into three double plays that didn't just kill but brutally murdered attempts at rallies brought back the hideous memories of that time in '05 when Mazzilli had Sosa, Javy Lopez and Rafael Palmeiro in the same lineup. Gives me the willies.
  6. I will reserve full judgment, but Juan Samuel giving Gibbons the green light to try to score from first base on a Millar double was Trebelhornian.
  7. Millar is slugging .516 with an .840 OPS. Aubrey Huff is slugging .244 with a .517 OPS.
  8. Poor Alex Gordon. He has no business in the big leagues. He's got all the talent in the world, but the time is just not right.
  9. Tried to tell people about Ross Gload...
  10. Yay!