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Gameday Thread: Royals at O's, 04/14

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, RTN (KC) | Radio: WHFS
Odalis Perez, LH Daniel Cabrera, RH (0-2, 10.80) (1-1, 3.07) CF D DeJesus 2B B Roberts 2B M Grudzielanek 3B M Mora RF M Teahen RF N Markakis LF R Sanders SS M Tejada DH R Gload DH A Huff 3B A Gordon LF K Millar 1B R Shealy 1B C Gomez C J LaRue CF C Patterson SS T Pena, Jr. C A Castillo

Hey. Hey you guys. Shh. Cabrera's K-to-BB is 14-to-4. That's pretty much awesome. Shhh.

Odalis Perez has had kind of a neat little career since coming up with the Braves in 1998. He had very good seasons in 2002 and 2004 with the Dodgers, then got traded to Kansas City last season after falling out of favor in LA. Last season was, how should we say, not his best. This year isn't starting out much better. Perez is kind of looking cooked at age 29 (30 in June).

Last night's grand slam was Markakis' first. He's a honeybear. Even Huff had a couple of hits and finally seemed like he woke up from hibernation. He even showed emotion a few times. Reggie Sanders went 3-for-4 for Kansas City, and I still say you can do a lot worse for a lefty-mashing spare part outfielder than Reggie Sanders.