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Patterson out on bereavement leave

Corey Patterson has been placed on bereavement leave following the death of his grandfather, and we'll likely see Adam Stern up for a couple days. Freddie Bynum is apparently going to start in center field.

I don't know what their obsession with Freddie Bynum is, but I don't think I care for it.

Patterson should rejoin the team on Wednesday. Jon Knott is also likely to be coming up to replace Kurt Birkins, as perhaps they've realized that having 13 pitchers just should not be a priority, especially when you're stretching it so thin that you're trying to make Kurt Birkins a major leaguer.

The SBN Sports Report is live tonight at 8pm on Sunday is my HBO night now, with Sopranos, Entourage and the Mayweather/de la Hoya 24/7 thing.