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Gameday Thread: O's at Devil Rays, 04/17

Game Time: 7:10 | TV: MASN2, WXPX (TB) | Radio: WHFS
Steve Trachsel, RH Casey Fossum, LH (0-0, 2.63) (0-1, 7.59) 2B B Roberts CF R Baldelli 3B M Mora SS B Harris RF N Markakis LF C Crawford SS M Tejada 2B T Wigginton DH A Huff RF D Young 1B K Millar 3B A Iwamura LF J Gibbons C D Navarro C A Castillo 1B C Pena CF F Bynum DH B Upton

You can probably all imagine the things I would say from a realistic standpoint about Steve Trachsel, but considering I was the one that wanted him as soon as Benson went down, I should probably just take the good and be quiet for now. We all know. Shut up, Scott.

I've always liked Fossum. I think mostly because when he came up with Boston I liked to call him "Awesome" Fossum. We do have to worry about the fact that he's left-handed!!, which is getting really annoying. Really I'm kind of surprised he's still starting in a major league rotation, and then I remember that it's the Devil Rays, and that no matter how much good young hitting talent they have, they're still starting Casey Fossum, and thus they still stink. It's too bad. I feel bad for that lineup, because right now they're hitting the hell out of the ball, only to have their crappy pitching blow them up.

Not that it bothers me so much, but man, Akinori Iwamura and Delmon Young don't deserve this. Well, Delmon Young might.

Let's see what kind of wacky garbage falls out of that stadium tonight. I hate to pick on their festering turd of a park so much, because not everyone can have Camden Yards, but they purposely put a team down there and THAT'S the park they play in? In St. Petersburg, Florida? An ugly dome that is barely fit for human life?