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Gameday Thread: O's at Twins, 04/03

Game Time: 8:10 | TV: MASN2, WFTC (MIN) | Radio: WHFS
Daniel Cabrera, RH Boof Bonser, RH (0-0, -.--) (0-0, -.--)

I really do like Boof Bonser, and I really do think he's going to be a solid No. 3 guy for a long time. He's cast into the role of Santana's chief rotation support thanks to the injury to Francisco Liriano, which gaves the rest of the AL Central a fighting chance. With Santana and Liriano healthy and at their best, that's a huge shot at winning two games in a row a lot of the time.

Erik Bedard didn't look worth a damn last night. Something about him seemed, I don't know, out of rhythm? He never looked 100% comfortable the entire game. He recovered from the back-to-back homers pretty well, but he seemed like he was working really fast and maybe like he wasn't thinking enough. Who knows? Tonight, it's Daniel Cabrera, who's a wild card every time out.

We have but two sure objectives going into this game: Win, and drill Justin Morneau in the ass. I don't hate him or want him to get hurt or anything like that, but show some solidarity and plunk him for slamming Bako in the chin. I didn't even think it was dirty. OK, so I just like when players get plunked and bad blood brews. Sue me.