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Thoughts from Opening Day

Twins 7, Orioles 4

So that was that.

  1. It's just one game.
  2. Erik Bedard? It's just one game. He did not look good. Santana had his own problems. It's the first game of the season.
  3. Our bench might be the worst thing in the history of organized sports. Freddie Bynum pinch-hitting is horrifying.
  4. Paul Bako is terrible, but way to brickwall Morneau. Sadly, if you watched on ESPN, you had to endure Sutcliffe spending the rest of the game insisting that something about that collision had messed with Bako's head, as if Bako could be a worse player just because he has a Band-Aid on his chin.
  5. Melvin Mora looked horrible at the plate. I really fear that he could cost us dearly in too many games if he stays in the two-hole for too long, which of course he will even if he's really bad.
  6. Some up-and-down game for Tejada. Gets a single, gets picked off, hits a homer, makes an error (it was a tough play, but he should have made it, too).
  7. Danys Baez's throwing motion makes me uncomfortable.
  8. John Parrish makes me uncomfortable.
  9. Jay Gibbons hitting two doubles off of Johan Santana might be the highlight of Gibby's season.
  10. Justin Morneau should be plunked in the ass today.