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Gameday Thread: Orioles at Tigers, 04/30

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, FSN+ (DET) | Radio: WHFS
Daniel Cabrera, RH Jeremy Bonderman, RH (1-2, 4.09) (0-0, 3.18)

Well this is just a fun matchup! Isn't this FUN?

These young men throw hard. Bonderman has been pretty filthy this year and hasn't gotten a decision, which is nice in a way, since when he was pitching lights out he didn't get a win, and his one bad start didn't yield a loss, either. He's got a 7-to-1 (29-to-4) K-to-BB ratio right now.

Cabrera was left out too long against Boston last time out so he wound up with five walks in 6 2/3, which I never thought would be something I'd be happy about, but that still beats the hell out of the old Cabrera. Plus, he had only seven walks in his first four starts. Something has clicked with him as far as control goes, and his K numbers are still really good. He just doesn't seem like he's trying to strike out everybody.

Orioles career OPS numbers at Kramerica Park, just for funsies:

Bako --- (0 AB)
Bynum --- (0 AB)
Gibbons .706 (46 AB)
Gomez 1.078 (53 AB)
Huff .687 (47 AB)
Markakis 1.107 (12 AB)
Millar .616 (56 AB)
Mora .860 (85 AB)
Patterson .627 (20 AB)
Payton .742 (49 AB)
Roberts .653 (24 AB)
Tejada .731 (107 AB)

What this tells me is that Chris Gomez should really play. Millar and Gibbons aren't hitting anything, anyway, what does it hurt?