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Gameday Thread: O's at Twins, 04/04

Game Time: 8:10 | TV: MASN, FSN North (MIN) | Radio: WHFS
Jaret Wright, RH Ramon Ortiz, RH (0-0, -.--) (0-0, -.--) 2B B Roberts 2B L Castillo 3B M Mora 3B N Punto RF N Markakis C J Mauer SS M Tejada RF M Cuddyer DH A Huff 1B J Morneau LF J Gibbons CF T Hunter 1B C Gomez LF J White CF C Patterson DH J Kubel C P Bako SS J Bartlett

Do you watch Deadwood? If so, then you should recall Jack Langrishe's third season arrival to camp, prompting Swearengen to look down from his balcony and go, "Ah, God..."

That's kind of how I feel today. Jaret Wright just arrived in a stagecoach to try to save us from a season-opening sweep at the hands of the Minnesota Twins. "Ah, God..."

If I never hear the phrase, "The piranhas are circling!" again in my life, I'll be happy. Just another, "Gosh darn heck, these Twins play the game the RIGHT way," things to make me hate the Minnesota Twins when they clearly do not deserve my hate. I should appreciate a guy like Nick Punto for what he is, not be mad at him for what he isn't.

Did I ever tell you I loathe Ramon Ortiz? I know I have. Same reason still applies: All those times we had to hear how he was like Pedro Martinez, despite that he's never been good. I'm kind of sad we won't see Ponson this series, but whatever. The Twins now get into the real test of their season. With Liriano out, they have Santana, and they have Bonser, who I think is going to be good. After that, though, they're relying on Ortiz, Ponson and Carlos Silva. That's a tough order.

I'm just not down with a sweep to start the year, so let's go, O's!