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Gameday Thread: O's at Yankees, 04/06

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, YES (NYY) | Radio: WHFS
Adam Loewen, LH Mike Mussina, RH (0-0, -.--) (0-0, -.--) 2B B Roberts CF M Cabrera 3B M Mora SS D Jeter RF N Markakis RF B Abreu SS M Tejada 3B A Rodriguez 1B A Huff DH J Giambi LF J Gibbons LF H Matsui DH K Millar C J Posada CF C Patterson 2B R Cano C P Bako 1B J Phelps

First series is behind us now. Let's kill these a-holes.

That said, the last time the Orioles started 0-4, they didn't win until game 22.

Since 2003, the O's have gone 25-50 against the Yankees, and 13-25 at Yankee Stadium. Loewen was 2-1 with a 2.63 ERA in four starts against New York last season, striking out 23 in 24 innings and allowing zero home runs. Mussina is 9-5 in 20 starts against us since flying the coop, with a 4.21 ERA and 1.20 WHIP. In '06, he had a 4.91 ERA in two starts. Tejada kills Moose for his career: .419, 4 HR, 13 RBI.

Razor Ramon is still out though not yet officially on the DL. Johnny Damon may head to the DL for New York with a right calf strain.