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Gameday Thread: O's at Yankees, 04/07

Game Time: 1:05 | TV: MASN, YES (NYY) | Radio: WHFS
Steve Trachsel, RH Kei Igawa, LH (0-0, -.--) (0-0, -.--) 2B B Roberts 2B R Cano 3B M Mora SS D Jeter RF N Markakis RF B Abreu SS M Tejada 3B A Rodriguez DH A Huff DH J Giambi LF K Millar LF H Matsui CF C Patterson C J Posada 1B C Gomez 1B D Mientkiewicz C A Castillo CF M Cabrera


It's a Friday night/very early Saturday morning, and I'm pretty well drunk. I had a good night of tequila and beer, and I'm still going strong. What? The Yankees suck.

Anyhoo, I fell off in last night's comments, but let me say how PSYCHED I am to see Baez and Ray close those chumps out, and a tough effort from JAMIE WALKER, BOY. I thought Loewen could have gone another inning, and Parrish still makes me uncomfortable, but we won. WE WON. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

Let's welcome Kei Igawa to Yankee Stadium with a severe thrashing. You go get 'em, Trachsel, because Jaret Wright is already scaring the bejsus out of me. If Guthrie moves into the rotation, he'll have to take one of their spots, and Wright has already been bad enough to get me on the Guthrie train, though I think little of Jeremy Guthrie to begin with.

Who dat talkin bout beatin dem Orioles? We're going to the playoffs. F you, Mussina.