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Gameday Thread: Orioles at Tigers, 05/01

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, FSN (DET) | Radio: WHFS
Adam Loewen, LH Chad Durbin, RH (2-0, 3.20) (1-1, 6.65) 2B B Roberts C I Rodriguez 3B M Mora 2B P Polanco RF N Markakis DH G Sheffield SS M Tejada RF M Ordonez DH A Huff LF C Monroe C R Hernandez 1B M Thames LF J Gibbons 3B B Inge 1B K Millar CF O Infante CF C Patterson SS N Perez

On SBN: Bless You Boys

Adam Loewen has balls. Lots of 'em. Four at a time, usually.

We faced Durbin earlier this year and he...battled. We'll say he battled. He was outstanding against the White Sox in his last start, throwing eight shutout, three-hit innings with no walks and nine strikeouts.

This pitching staff is really starting to worry me. We've seen things like this before. Never pleasant.

Welcome to May!