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Gameday Thread: Orioles at Red Sox, 05/11

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, NESN (BOS) | Radio: WHFS
Brian Burres, LH Julian Tavarez, RH (0-1, 3.71) (1-3, 6.48)

It's not often you get a first place/second place matchup that has two starting pitchers like Brian Burres and Julian Tavarez.

Sweeping the Rays was refreshing. The team looked really good those three games. Even the 1-0, 10-inning nailbiter had Bedard pitching off his ass.

Julian Tavarez is a guy I'd love to hate but instead I just sort of love the crazy sumbitch. His crippling pussywillow swipe of death to Joey Gathright was downright hilarious, in its own way.

Speaking of me stealing Dugout lines, today's was pretty good. I get the message and could live without it because I think we all know domestic violence is bad, but I do like the idea of Gary Thorne hitting Jay Gibbons in the face with a hairbrush.

I'd really like to beat the Red Sox for once. I'm blogging hurt with a severely sprained...foot? Ankle? I can't tell. I don't much care for it at all, as I don't have a cool pimp cane, and instead must use my old putter to limp around like I'm House or something. I await my crazy downstairs neighbor yelling at me for walking too loudly, but she can cram it.