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Jaret Wright could be finished

Jaret Wright's father, Clyde Wright, is saying that his son could be absolutely done and on the verge of retirement thanks to his shoulder issues. This is kind of what I was worried about when he went down with the injury. He's just been injured way too much to be able to keep going much longer, and now this could be it.

I didn't think he was a good fit for this team, to say the least, and now I hope we can all agree that it was a mistake to trade anything up to and including a three-day old hamburger from McDonald's for him, but it's not like I'm excited that he got hurt or probably won't be on the team or might have his career finished really early. Wright had lots of talent at one point, but injuries pile up. Kris Benson isn't quite in the same boat, but they're both fishing on the same lake. Both were No. 1 draft picks, showed that promise early on, and then injury derailed them.

Sometimes things like this lead a starter to try relieving, but Wright's shoulder might not even be up to that. If he really is finished, then that's a shame.