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Gameday Thread: Orioles at Blue Jays, 05/14

Game Time: 7:07 | TV: MASN2, RSN (TOR) | Radio: WHFS
Erik Bedard, LH Tomo Ohka, RH (3-2, 4.79) (2-4, 5.53) 2B B Roberts RF A Rios RF N Markakis LF M Stairs SS M Tejada CF V Wells C R Hernandez DH F Thomas 1B A Huff 3B T Glaus 3B M Mora 2B A Hill DH J Gibbons 1B L Overbay LF J Payton SS R Clayton CF C Patterson C J Phillips


I'm at a loss to describe my feelings for the Mother's Day Massacre without going into expletives that even I would find inappropriate. There is nothing good that can be said about Sam Perlozzo or Chris Ray, though Ray has one out: He shouldn't have even been in that position.

Gotta win today. Gotta fire Sam before the game. I cannot stomach another defense of the job he's doing. He's terrible.