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Gamthread: A's at O's 5/27/07

   Game Time: 1:35 | TV: MASN, MASN2 | Radio: WHFS

Joe Blanton - RH Daniel Cabrera - RH
(4-2, 3.59) (3-5, 4.66)

Greetings from Maine. It's seriously gorgeous up here.

Last night was a fun glimpse of the 2007 Orioles playing like a real, live, Major League Baseball team. Home runs, good catches, a nice performance from our 5th starter and the fans even got another chance to boo Baez. Something for everybody, really. Brian Roberts continues to hit, steal bases, drive in runs and generally be - as some ESPN announcer put it last year - our "Catalyst of All Times". I did not make that up. In short, he's been awesome.

We put up 8 runs yesterday, which naturally means Danny Cabrera isn't going to get much run support today. I think he can put his last outing behind him, pitch like a big boy and keep us in it, though. Also, I am really, really ready for Markakis to turn into Markickass. He's had some terrific individual games here and there and then lapses right back into being an ice cold rally killer. Get it together, Nick. Seriously.

Not much insight or analysis from me today. I think I'm going to go drink some beer on a boat instead. Yeah, Maine doesn't suck.

GO O's.