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Christmas in June? Johnson on O's radar as manager

When I was a kid, I wanted a go-kart. Year after year, I'd wish for a go-kart for Christmas.

Well, you know how this story ends. I'd tell my parents, and they would smile and say, "We'll see what Santa brings."

And I never got a go-kart.

It's been great training to be an O's fan. Year after year, we are promised a winning team. Moves are made that cause us to shake our heads. And every year since 1997, the tree has been empty on Christmas morning - no winning team.

This year, the tree might have a nice present under it. The possibility of removing Perlozzo as manager apparently has been broached at the Warehouse, and guess who's name keeps popping up?

From the Sunday edition of The (Baltimore) Sun:

According to two club sources, the Orioles will give serious consideration to bringing back Davey Johnson if Perlozzo is let go during his second full season as manager. Johnson's highly successful two-year run as manager ended in 1997 when he abruptly resigned because of a conflict with owner Peter Angelos after the organization's last winning season.

Johnson, who couldn't be reached to comment yesterday, was 186-138 with the Orioles in 1996 and 1997 and directed them to back-to-back American League Championship Series. He hasn't managed in the majors since leading the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1999 and 2000 seasons.

Fire Sam Perlozzo. Bring back Davey Johnson. It won't solve all the O's problems - Davey can't insert himself as the cleanup hitter to spark this moribund offense. But he certainly would have the respect of the clubhouse. And that would be a positive step towards the first winning season since, well, Davey Johnson was manager.