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Gameday Thread: O's at Royals, 05/28

   Game Time: 7:10 | TV: MASN | Radio: WHFS

Steve Trachsel - RH Scott Elarton - RH
(3-3, 3.77) (1-0, 6.00)

Memroial Day. A time to stop and take a moment to appreciate the sacrifices those before us have made and others now are making for our country.

OK, now fire up the grill, ice down the beer, and let's see if this team of ours can put two series wins in a row together. This IS the Royals we are talking about, so even though it's a road series, I like our chances.

David Steele is saying the O's should NOT hire Davey Johnson, which means he descended into Peter "Ima" Schmuck territory in terms of irrelevance as a commentator on this team.

So, you like the idea of Davey Johnson making a triumphant return to the Orioles' dugout, do you?

Don't feel bad. Earl Weaver coming back seemed like a great idea at the time, too.

And, for readers in our Redskins-loving circulation area, Joe Gibbs' return was going to be the answer to all your prayers. Wasn't it?

Remind me not to ask David Steele for stock tips.

And, oh yeah, GO O's. Just sayin'.