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Gameday Thread: O's at KC 5/30/07

   Game Time: 8:10pm | TV: MASN, MASN2 | Radio: WHFS

G. Meche - RH Erik Bedard - LH
(3-3, 3.18) (3-3, 4.10)

MAN, DO I LOVE PLAYING THE ROYALS. That being said, Meche has been really quite good for them this season. Have to say, I did not see that one coming. But unfortunately for Gil, his team is still really, really bad at baseball.

Erik Bedard is going to lose his damn mind if he doesn't get the win again tonight. Getting his gem against DC ruined was bad enough, getting screwed in KC might send him over the edge - Running around the mound, tearing his clothes off and screaming for Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey to save him from his crappy team and retarded manager. The cool Canadian veneer will be a thing of the past. OK, it might not happen exactly like that, but it would be fun.

I'd be remiss in my gamethreading duties if I did not spend some time on the topic of young Mr. Markakis, so here we go: NICHOLAS KONSTANTINOS MARKAKIS. What is your DAMAGE? It is almost June and I am sick and tired of your up and down BS. Five hits one night and then back to double play balls and stranding men on base like its goin out of style for another week. You are not a rookie anymore, asshole. Get it together. I'm only saying this because I care, Nick. It worked last time. And in case you're tired of the yelling, here's my friend Kristen's tits:

You were a big fan of them last season. Enjoy.

Go O's.