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A Message from Kristen

Dear Orioles Fans,

It is my pleasure to provide you with good fortune in the form of pictures of my boobs. And thank you all for the kind words. Nick seems to like them and, well, I like Nick. So we're all good. Despite being a Red Sox fan, my friendship with 2632 has allowed me to develop a great fondness for the Orioles as well. I root for your baseball team 143 games out of the 162-game season (you understand that I can't root against my Sox, I'm sure), and wish them nothing but the best. Except Jay Gibbons. That guy can go screw.

I am once again being imported to Camden Yards this summer to cheer against the Yankees. It will mark the one-year-anniversary of Nick's association with my boobs. I shall try to bring good fortune and luck to you all again. Just as soon as 2632 gets me that Markakis shirt.

So, in conclusion, you're welcome, go O's, and screw Gibbons.

Thank you,