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Gameday Thread: Indians at Orioles, 05/04

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, STO (CLE) | Radio: WHFS
Paul Byrd, RH Erik Bedard, LH (2-1, 3.50) (3-2, 6.09) CF G Sizemore 2B B Roberts RF J Michaels RF N Markakis DH T Hafner SS M Tejada 1B V Martinez C R Hernandez SS J Peralta 1B A Huff 3B C Blake 3B M Mora LF D Dellucci DH J Gibbons C K Shoppach LF J Payton 2B J Barfield CF C Patterson

Erik Bedard is currently fourth in the American League in strikeouts with 42, trailing James Shields (45), Johan Santana (45) and C.C. Sabathia (44).

That is where the similarities of those four pitchers end, really, besides Santana and Sabathia being lefties like Bedard. ERA: Shields 3.74, Santana 3.60, Sabathia 3.38, Bedard 6.09. WHIP: Shields 1.02, Santana 1.08, Sabathia 1.23, Bedard 1.53. BAA: Shields .215, Santana .221, Sabathia .268, Bedard .291.

Bedard has been getting lit up like a frat boy on New Year's. To be fair, they do have one other thing in common: homers. Shields and Sabathia have allowed seven jacks, and Bedard and Santana six apiece.

Paul Byrd pretty much does his thing, goes about his business bein' Paul Byrd. Can't find anything bad to say about Paul Byrd, really. He's Paul Byrd.

God, we need a win, but this might be the wrong team. For one thing, they kill the ball, and for another, they're white hot, winning 10 of their last 11. The O's have lost 9 of 10, the only win in that stretch being that weird mess in Cleveland.