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Gameday Thread: Indians at Orioles, 05/05

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, STO (CLE) | Radio: WHFS
Jeremy Sowers, LH Daniel Cabrera, RH (0-1, 4.40) (1-3, 4.50)

Cabrera has regressed back to ugly levels in his last two starts, walking 11 in 11 2/3 IP and striking out 10. Really, the banter about Cabrera's improvement is a smidge overdone. He's now exactly where he was in 2005. Last year was a pretty epic disaster in terms of his control. The fact that Mazzone has gotten him back to where Ray Miller had him is only a minor achievement.

Sowers pitched against us in that goofy disputed game, going six and giving up three runs, two earned. That was his last start.

It's Cinco de Mayo, but more importantly to me, it's fight night for de la Hoya and Mayweather. I'll be covering those fights tonight so I doubt I'll be around for this one, though I don't expect most of you will be what with the Corona holiday falling on a Saturday this year. Seriously, people, drink Tecate. So much better.