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Gameday Thread: Devil Rays at Orioles, 05/08

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, WXPX (TB) | Radio: WHFS
Jae Seo, RH Jeremy Guthrie, RH (1-2, 8.19) (1-1, 5.87)

Guthrie made one start on April 24th, pitching well for five innings against Oakland. He then had two horrible relief appearances in Cleveland. Mazzone is big on him, and so is Jim Palmer, but I'm not that big on either of them, so that means very little to me. I'm rooting for Guthrie, but I'm not all that confident.

Seo has been terrible, giving up 50 hits in 29 2/3. Batters are hitting .382 off of him. It's been ugly, reminiscent of Hideo Nomo's last stand, which also came with the Rays.

This team can hit, so I worry about the matchup anyway. One of those games you think could be 10-9, but winds up 3-2.