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Someone pretend they saw this coming

American League ERA leaders:

  1. Dan Haren, OAK 1.58
  2. Chad Gaudin, OAK 2.43
  3. John Lackey, LAA 2.60
  4. Jeremy Guthrie, BAL 2.70
  5. Kelvim Escobar, LAA 2.76
Haren at an astonishing 1.58 is weird enough. Gaudin at 2.43 is freakin' wacky. JEREMY GUTHRIE being fourth in the league in ERA?

I want to go on record right now. I dissed Guthrie's potential, was skeptical about him being pushed into the rotation, and was more than ready to chalk him up as another Mazzone boner flameout. But that young man has broughten it this season, and he's usually rewarded with a no-decision.

In a season where I've grown to hate most of the team and its leadership, Jeremy Guthrie has been a shining light. Big ups to Jeremy Guthrie, my apologies to him for my doubts (well, kind of), and a hearty "hurrah!" for his efforts. Keep it rolling, dude.