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Gameday Thread: Diamondbacks at Orioles, 06/15

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, FSN (ARI) | Radio: WHFS
Micah Owings, RH Erik Bedard, LH (4-1, 3.76) (4-4, 3.72) LF E Byrnes 2B B Roberts SS S Drew 3B M Mora 1B C Jackson RF N Markakis 3B M Reynolds SS M Tejada DH S Hairston DH A Huff CF C Young CF J Payton RF C Quentin LF J Gibbons C C Snyder 1B K Millar 2B A Ojeda C P Bako

We are facing too many NL pitchers named Micah. I like the color change the Diamondbacks went with. All that purple and weird green shit is so 90s.

Bedard strikes out a lot of batters. I'm having trouble caring about the pre-games, since I'm also having trouble caring about the games.

Hey, it's Eric Byrnes. I'm psyched to see Augie Ojeda back in the bigs for the first time since 2004.

You know what's great about being an Orioles fan? When Corey Patterson is benched for being too awful, it just means more Jay Gibbons. Joke's on us.